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May 28, 2015 by Deaf Community Center

Excellent plumbers who acknowledged the problem and worked on it. Capelli Plumbing became our regular contact for next problem here at Deaf Community Center.

Excellent Service

Apr 21, 2015 by Marty Martinez

Recently we had a main sewer line clog that needed to be cleaned out. After checking around and reading reviews we came upon Capelli Plumbing. While reading their reviews we came across a review written by friend of ours, who had recently passed away, and she was extremely happy with Capelli Plumbing's work.

We called Capelli's and set up an appointment for the following morning. George and a co-worker showed up at the promised time, looked at the pictures we were given by our sanitary district and gave us the price to clean the line and the use of a camera to make sure what was going on and what needed to be done. After snaking the line it was determined that a sewer jet needed to be used which George did. While using the camera George saw and showed us that our pipes were off set and had a belley in the line. He told us he would like to return the following day to recheck the pipes and to give us an estimate on the repairs, we agreed to see him the next day.

George returned the next day and rechecked the pipes and the belley was gone but we still had an off set, which again he showed us on the camera. He then gave us an estimate and was not pushy for us to get the work done, and if we decided to get the work done to let him know. After discussing it we called George to set up a time for the work to be done.

The day the work was done George and 2 workers showed up at the appointed time. George kept us informed every step of the way as the work was being done. When they uncovered the pipe he showed us the off set and hole in the pipe and he showed us the new pipe when it was replaced. They got the work done in a timely manner and cleaned up all the mess.

Two days later George and his co-worker returned to lay the cement as promised and again cleaned all the mess, you would have never known they had work there. George was very knowledgeable, professional and did excellent work.

Would we recommend Capelli Plumbing? Yes! Would we use them again? Most definitely!

Healthcare consultant

Dec 04, 2013 by Kathryn Lamphier

My son referred James Capelli to me as I was getting ready to move, had sold my condo, but had a minor plumbing problem in the hall bathroom and I did not want the new owner to be confronted with it when she move in. I didn't have time to deal with it on my own, and needed someone I could trust to do it quickly and at a cost effective rate. James was excellent! He called and came over at the agreed upon time, and not only fixed the problem quickly, but gave me a discount. I am very pleased with the work that was done and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for the excellent service!

A gentleman, an advocate, and as knowledgeable as can be with your plumbing needs and interests

Mar 24, 2013 by Merle Vind

***Note from Capelli Plumbing: This review was received via Customer Lobby on Aug. 23rd, 2011***

James, the owner of Capelli Plumbing, is a wonderful young man. He came to me at a time when my need was great, and was like an angel. He thinks hard about what is best for you and your family, and will never give you the run around. You can really tell how much he cares about his customers.

The chain of events that lead me to James all began on memorial day weekend, when my husband and I called our regular plumber at the time to have our line cleared. The serviceman that came out insisted on using some newfangled method that involved water, and wanted to sell us a contract package. He wouldn\'t just clear the line out, and it was like pulling teeth to dismiss the contract idea, which cost $1,000. Finally, we had to ask him to leave without fixing our problem.

Afterwards, our son recommend someone else who was able to come the next day, but they were only able to keep the line clear for a week. His boss came out when we called back, and he tried to sell us a contract, as well. I could tell this gentleman hadn\'t been out in the field in a while, and he ended up leaving without charging us, because he couldn\'t clear the line.

At this point, I went to to phone book to start making calls. I saw this picture of James and his family, and I immediately knew he was the guy for us. From the moment he picked up the phone, James was not only a gentleman, but he also proved to me that he knew his business. He didn\'t beat around the bush, and came right out. Stepping from his car, he was like a walking book of knowledge. He came right in and resolved my issue. He\'s a nonstop worker, and really contributes. He was our advocate, and like a warrior in the way he arrived at our time of great need. He cleared the line the first time, and gave us a great deal.

When the drain back up again, James knew that something else was the matter. He called a friend of his who specializes in sewer lines, and they brought out a camera to fully explore our system. He did this for free, just to know where we stood.
After using the camera, he was able to select a different course of action that involved something with a balloon. Whatever it was, it worked, and we\'re now finalizing everything.

James has been looking out for us from day one. He\'s been a constant advocate, and you just don\'t see that anymore. He really deserves to do well. When you ask him a question, he doesn\'t just give you an answer, he stops to think about what you said, and comes back with different scenarios, and responses to each. Also, he actually answers his phone, even when he\'s down in the dirt. You won\'t find a more honest, dedicated plumber out there. I feel very fortunate to have found Capelli Plumbing.

Excellent Service!

Mar 24, 2013 by Sharon Schilling

James went above and beyond the call of duty, coming all the way out to Tracy on a Sunday morning to install a new water heater for me. But that's not all - James intervened on a home warranty claim to determine the plumber recommended was trying to overcharge me, and would have soaked me for $160 above what my warranty would pay. James reviewed their quote and looked at my current setup, noticing that nothing they recommended was actually needed. Thus, James saved me $160 I would have otherwise spent without question. Thank you James for your amazing customer service!!

Response: Thank you, Sharon, for your kind words!

Capelli Plumbing , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 Excellent plumbers who acknowledged the problem and worked on it. Capelli Plumbing became our regular contact for next problem here at Deaf Community Center.